Friday, October 7, 2011

NOT child labor

Although this may appear to be child labor,
looks can be deceiving.

This little guy is so fascinated with dog poop and it NOT being on the yard that anytime there is even one pile he is out there with the pooper scooper.

He said there was LOTS of poops out there and he better clean it up. I didn't stop the process.

He got the bag put it in the bucket, took the bucket to the yard, got the pooper scooper and started cleaning.  Let me tell you he is SO thorough when it comes to cleaning that dog poop.

Really it's not child labor. I was just helping him along!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I cancelled my facebook almost two weeks ago. I have never felt free-er. It was one of the weirdest things ever, after I cancelled it I felt like a million pounds had been lifted off me. Wow I didn't realize that Facebook was putting such stress on me. I know that I could just go log back in and it would be like nothing had changed but I am loving the free feeling I have so it will be "good-bye facebook for me forever!

2. We moved. It's been a crazy week but we finally are only keeping one house and it feels so great. We are loving all the space of our new house and that we have a fenced back yard and a really nice park nice down the hill. It's all so great. The boys are in love too!

3. There are barking dogs for our new neighbors....with owners that just couldn't fathom putting a bark collar on any of the THREE of them. So all day long we listening to the barking. It's definitely not a perk of the new place especially when they wake the two year old from his nap. But it's a small sacrifice!

4. Life with a two year old and a 9 month has been so interesting. But it's been so fun...if only I could come up with ideas to keep them both happy at the same time. That's been a trial for sure.

5. I love all the fall decorations that are popping up everywhere. Makes me want to get my craft area up and going so I can make some fun things for this wonderful season.

6. I am already starting to think of the gifts i want to make and give for Christmas this year. Starting with a quilt for my brother that is deployed overseas and said that he freezes at night....thank you air conditioning! So I have my work cut out for me. Now if only I had a Go baby cutter

7. The Undertaker is celebrating a birthday this week....Oh I love celebrating the birthday's of family members ... it's like Christmas all the time.

8. As I was talking to a friend recently she made a comment about paying high taxes in our county. I've been thinking about that alot lately. I've come to the realization that I don't mind paying higher taxes when I can see that things in our community are improving or programs are being offered that we use and love. With that, we LOVE the story time our library offers. Yes we drive to a farther library but that's because I choose to because that's the one we like. But we LOVE the library and the programs it offers. It makes me grateful to live in such a great place...even though the taxes are a little higher. We use a lot of the services those taxes make possible.

9. I am starting to babysit a little girl that is also two. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Luckily the few times she has come over the kids have played well and have gone smoothly.

10. I just love that since moving to this new house the two year old has come into my room NO later than 5:30am telling me that he's awake up from his bed. Well I am not please go back to your room. I just don't know what to do about it. How do I get the boy to stay in his room til at least 7 without just locking the door!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

This was supposed to be on Tuesday, but with having two little ones and moving...well now it's Thursday!

1. We had a great time at my cousins birthday party. It was a blast racing on the go-karts. My 2 year old rode with me and LOVED it....7 months ago he couldn't get off fast enough. This time every time we stopped between races he said, "more, more, more"

2. Listening to my 2 year old giggle at Kipper has got to be one of the cutest things ever!

3. Moving is no fun and yet we seem to do it a lot! Hopefully this will be the last time for a while.

4. I am SO excited for Conference coming up in just over a week. It's one of my favorite weekends!

5. The little guy gets his cast off a week from today (Thursday) and I am so excited. Poor little guy has been such a trooper through this but he is SO ready to be able to splash in the tub. It's like torture every time we give the big guy a bath because he thinks he gets to get in too!!!

6. Not going to my home ward on Sundays is really starting to get to me. I just don't really feel like I have a place right now. Even though given the chance I would move from this ward in a heartbeat!

7. I am really looking forward to using my spa gift certificate, that I got for my birthday, as soon as we are all settled in our new home.

8. Fall is here and we are loving every minute of it. I have had the windows open for at least a week straight and even though it has been hot in the afternoon a few days we just grin and bear it because it gets so cool in the evening.

9. Our new place has an attic fan....for that I am grateful!

10. As much as being gone on the weekends is hard for me... and the house work is not really getting done, (I partly blame it on moving because that just makes a mess out of everything) I love the simplistic life of the farm and knowing that we have the resources to provide for ourselves most anything we need makes me SO happy

Friday, September 16, 2011

Too young for such trials

Now that it's been a week, I feel like I can talk about this a be ok with it all. Because let's just face it when your 8 month old gets hurt it's just hard to face life.

My sweet little guy took a fall down the stairs last week.
I really didn't think much of it because...well the boy has fallen down those same stairs many times and after some consoling and comfort he's right back at it.
It was not the same out come for the baby. After a quick trip to the Dr. we found out that he had a buckle fracture on his tibia and would need a cast. The doctor said that this is a very common break for little kids and it would heal quickly. The next day we saw the orthopedist guy and got the cast. 
I feel so bad that this happened....if only I had shut the gate.   
So now we are on the mend and have two weeks left til we get the cast off....yes I am on the count down!
Surprisingly this has not slowed him down for more than the first day. He is back on the move!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Wow I'm glad I'm alive to post this's been a hard week

2. The potty training fun is getting better round these parts. My mom took the farm with her over the weekend and told the boy that if he kept his underwears dry all day he could have a surprise. After discussing it with him for a time he said that he wanted a choo-choo train. He ended up with that train at day's end. And he has been doing so good since. Yesterday he said he wanted a "waaweepop" and he earned it! Today he went poop on the potty for the first time!!!! I think I was more excited than he was! So I am hoping this is the start to better potty training days.

3. The reason my boy went to the farm with my mom....well the baby took a little tumble down the stairs on Friday afternoon and broke his leg..... It's been a long weekend.

4. The Undertaker was out of town for said event which made it even harder.

5. I totally bought my first groupon today!!! I am so excited about this. I bought one of a portrait package at JCPenny. We have had pictures done there in the past and really liked the out come. So I can't wait to be able to go use it, but we will be waiting for the little guy to get the cast off his leg.

6. Oh that cast. I feel so bad that the poor thing even has to wear. He gets so tired so quickly from lounging the thing around. He has not let it stop him though. At least it's only for a short time.

7. The house is quiet.....that NEVER happens. It's SO rare that both kids sleep at the same time during the day....what am I going to do with the quiet time

8. While The Undertaker was out of town for the weekend he took he only computer we have (a laptop) with him AND the internet. I was supposed to go to the farm too so it wasn't going to be a big deal but since I had to stay home it ended up a little bigger deal because the only "T.V." we get is netflix streamed through the wii, but with no internet...well it just made a long weekend even longer, at least it's foot ball season!

9. I love football season. We live really close to the local high school and hear the marching band out practicing. It makes my boy so happy to hear that. We took a little walk over the the school to see what was going on yesterday and come to find out it was a JV football game and a soccer game and the band was playing. The boy was in heaven! I just love high school football....well college ball too....oh and the's all just great!

10. Cloth diapering has still been going on round these parts too. I am still loving it. With the broken leg incident we have used more disposables than I would have liked because I am still not crazy fast with the cloth and I still have to move him around a lot to get them on right but it's all good we are back on track today and are doing fine.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I've seen this in the blogging world and I thought I'd give it a try...we'll see how it goes!

1. We are in our first day of all cloth diapers and I love it. I have a bunch of different kinds but love the flip covers the best. I have some organic cotton prefolds and they are get for night time but a little bulky for the day. I made inserts out of flannel receiving blankets and old cotton jersey clothes. They work great and are very trim. I also love that, today, I did not contribute one disposable diaper to the landfill that will take 500 years to decompose. Call me a hippy, or treehugger whatever I'm cool with that!

2. After spending the last two weekends at the farm, I am terribly behind on things around the house. The laundry is piling up, at least it's clean, and the daily chores are just lacking. Luckily I have a husband who is there to help when I can't get it all done!

3. I find that I really just want to live down there on the farm. I love the simplicity of it all.

4. On the farm we line dry our clothes. I love being able to do that. I don't get that if there is such a energy crisis these days why all cities have ordinances that you can't line dry clothes outside. It really saves on energy. Really it just doesn't make since. If you have a nice clothes line, there is nothing trashy about hanging clothes out to my opinion!

5. Potty training at our house is seemingly never going to end. My boy refuses to wear diapers but has it in his head that his underwear have to be wet BEFORE he can go to the bathroom. I just don't know what to do to change his thinking. That is also what got me interested in cloth diapers. I bought one reusable training pants and the boy and I loved them. I thought if I was already change poopy underwear and it didn't bother me then why not dump poopy diapers too. It really is not more work than washing all the underwear.

6. We are moving in three weeks and I have done no more than go through the baby clothes. Yikes I better get with it and start packing.

7. We can't wait for the beginning of the year when The Undertaker (my husband) goes back on his 10 hours day schedule, three day weekends every other week are just too good. It's been a crappy year in the work scheduling department.

8. The baby is on the move. Now I have to get back in the habit of closing AND locking the gate, and watching under my feet because that's where he always is.

9. Totally loving this fall like weather round our parts. It's been so nice to play outside and not die of heat exhaustion. It is also making me excited for the change of seasons and all the fun that comes with fall.

10. Guessing I better git on those Halloween costumes. I don't know for sure what the kiddos are going to be but I better be figuring it out so I can make them. I know that I have a turkey costume for the boy but I don't know if it is going to fit. I thought it would be cute to do a turkey and then make the baby either a pilgram or an indian and make thanksgiving cards, rather than Christmas cards, out of the pictures.


Friday, August 5, 2011

I found a website with some "spelling beanbags" I thought they would be fun to have just to learn our ABC's and then later play spelling games with. After looking around the site for a while I also found these "math" beanbags to play math games with. I knew that we needed those too. So I will be busy making some for our house for sure. But the little girl across the street had a birthday and I needed something for her. I just whipped up a set of the number beanbags.
I love how they turned out. This was a tedious project as I had to cut the numbers out of paper, wonder under, and fabric. And then had all that appliqueing to do. But I love how it turned out and am excited to make them for our house!

And it was fun to use up some of the girly fabric I have sitting around the house.
We don't have a use for it for our kiddos!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I like to coupon.
I don't have lots of time for it
because let's face it there is no time
to be a mom, keep house, craft, and find all the great deals out there.
I cut coupons, organize them to an extent.
I scan the ads and if something jumps out at me that a great deal then I go for it.
I don't have money to buy all these good deals every week.
Most of the time it's stuff that I would put in storage
but sometimes (like the bbq sauce)
it's something that is on "the list"
and that just makes me one happy girl.

The point of all this is that I got all this for $1.75
I know it's extreme couponing!
The only thing I actually paid for was the salad dressing.
It was a glorious day!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sometimes Life is hard

Sometimes life is hard. You know what you want and have an idea about how to get it.
You reach, try harder, and reach some more.
you get really close to having what you want, but you just want a little more control.
So you try a little harder.

And you feel pretty good about what you have done.
but realize it's starting to slip.
 things get a little out of control.
you might have a little melt down.
but you just try harder.

Then you realize you have lost all control.
It's really hard.
And you are back to square one.

seriously the cutest chubby little hands!

Sometimes a little father away than when you first started. 
you try your hardest.
Then you realize something.

Maybe it's just a little too much for you to handle. Maybe it's not your problem to begin with.
Why get so hung up on it when there are so many other things in the world to be reaching for.

And you realize you can be happy without whatever it was.
That's when you just become ok with the way things are!

I just love how some days I can relate the little things the kids to do life and apply it.
Oh if only I could be so happy about not getting what I wanting when I wanted it.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Life in Spite of Me

                                                                         Life, in Spite of Me (2010, Hardcover) Image
This was an ok book.
Here's the premises of it:
The girl in the book, Kristen, in a whirl of a moment tried to commit suicide by laying on train tracks. She was run over by 33 freight cars, her legs were severed and she lost 8 pints of blood. She should have died, but she didn't. After a long struggle she devoted her life to God and now speaks to youth groups and is an advocate for suicide prevention.

I can really relate to this book. I have a good amount of stuff in common with Kristen. I found myself looking back on things that happened in my life that got me where I am today. Maybe it's because I have come so far, but I found the book to be a little much. I know that everyone handles things different and the way I have handled things in my life are much different than this girl, but I found myself thinking things like, "what on earth is the problem you have so much to live for." "How is it that if God spared your life once why would you keep contemplating suicide." That sort of thing. Maybe had I read this book 12 years I would have found it encouraging but as it was just not for me, Maybe a younger crowd!
I received this for free in exchange for my review

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What do you do

What do you do when it rains,
then the sun comes out...
then it rains some more
then the sun comes out...

Well you get the idea...
it was a "spotty shower"
kind of day!

We made the best of it.

It gave us a good excuse to put on the rain boots that are two sizes too small.
Where there's a will there's a way.

I said, "get some shoes on and let's go outside and play before the rain comes again"
That boy moved faster than the speed of light.

Not wanted to be left behind he found the only shoes that he can put on by himself and was at the door waiting for me.

There is something so sweet about watching that little body move, those hands dipping the bubble wand just perfectly, and those lips pursed blowing with everything they have.

Yeah, it's the best. Wouldn't change my job title for anything!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thoughts on Homemade Baby Food

Ok so maybe one day I will take a few pictures and show the process on this but I thought I would just share my thoughts on the subject.

After I had Thing 1, I decided that I would do as much organic food for him as possible. I nursed him...but didn't eat organics's much too expensive. Then came the dilemma of starting solids. I decided that I would wait until he was closer to 6 months to even start rice cereal, just to make sure he was ready. Believe me He. Was. Ready. I did Earth's Best organic rice cereal. I had been researching homemade baby food for some time and if I thought I could do it I would have even ground brown rice on my own. As it turned out I just made everything the kid ate.. and now that he is 2 he is a very good eater and will try pretty much anything.

Now I have Thing 2 and he is now eating baby food. I absolutely LOVE making baby food. I have so much fun trying new things out. With this little kiddo I have been much better at exploring new things and adding a little bit of spice to what he eats.
The other day I baked a butternut squash down and as I was pureeing it I added a little cinnamon and nutmeg to the mix and .... mmmmm it was tasty!
I love knowing exactly what my baby is getting and everything that is in it. When possible I make stuff that I have grown or that has been grown on my grandma's farm..that way I know that there has been no chemicals used on it either.
At first I thought it was going to be hard to take food with us or time consuming. But I have found that it is not any more difficult that than remembering to grab pre-packaged baby food. I freeze everything I make in an ice cube tray, once it is frozen solid I put the cubes in a freezer bag marked with the month it was made and what the food is. Then, when I have to go some where and take the food with me I just grab whatever cubes I want, put them in a bowl with a lid and usually by the time I am ready to feed them the cubes are thawed out. It's a simple process.
As far as making it I just steam whatever it is that I have bought/picked then run it through my Magic Bullet.( I have heard that there is a Bullet made just for making baby food but what I have works just fine.) I add a little liquid, usually breast milk but some times just water, and then any spices and puree. Then I freeze whatever we don't eat that day.
The biggest plus to making my own would be the money saver it is for me. I recently went to Dieberg's and bought Organic carrots, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes. I spent about $8 (it was actually 7 and change) and that gave me about 60 - 70 meals. Had I gone out and bought those same meals in pre-package baby food I would have spent $20 - $30. So it is a big savings for me. There are too many benefits to not make my own baby food. And it's something I really enjoy doing. Even my now 2 year old Things 1 like to "have baby bites of the baby's food" It's a win for all of us.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Living in Love

This book was sent to me free of charge in exchange for my review from Waterbrook Multnomah publisher

I don't really know what I was expecting when I starting reading this book but it seems that I did have expectations of it being good and a useful tool to help my marriage grow.
It did not disappoint. This book was helpful on many levels. The one point that was most helpful me and I took most to heart was the section on communication.
Communication is never something that I have been good at and therefore is a part of our marriage that has struggled. It's something that I have been thinking about for sometime now but just couldn't find a way to fix it. With the help of this book I had the tools to try and be a better communicator.

 I loved that the authors were so open and acknowledged that they had struggles. I loved that they talked about baggage. I have never looked and things this way. I always thought of it as problems and it just seemed like such a downer. But looking at my past as baggage really helped......because it's much easier for me to see myself throwing away my baggage than "getting rid of problems"

Living in Love was a well written book. One that I will keep on my shelf and keep as a reference guide in years to come.

Marriage is a journey and this book really helped me make strides in the journey I am on.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back to Reality

We have spent the last week in Gulf Shores, AL
On the beach
and at the pool.

We had a grand time
Doing nothing.

Now we are back
trying to find our routine
and wishing we could just go play at the pool.

This little dude had a blast in all the water.
He swam from 8 in the morning
to 8 at night.
Only eating when we made him.

He walked the beach in the morning.
Then came right in and put on a swim suit.
He lived in on...
for a week straight.
Now he says, "I wanna go to a schwimin pool"
Guess we better get a pool to play in.

We loved our trip

And are thinking that we will make it an every year thing.
If only we could buy real estate down there.....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Plain Wisdom

This is my new favorite book.
I didn't know exactly what to expect when I ordered this one
But seen as I am fascinated with any thing that has to do with the Amish I had high hopes
This book did not disappoint.
It gives a little in sight into the life of the amish and some of this lady's favorite recipes.
Which I can't wait to give a try.
It shows that even though the life styles of these two women are vastly different
they still have similar trials.
These two women draw strength from each other and embrace their differences.
I started this book and finished it in about a day. It was a pretty quick read
 but I also just could not put it down.
After reading this book, I came away with a new understanding that everyone is different, but we all have similar trials and we need to help each other along the path we are all on. It's not a race to the finish.
Although I have always known this, this book was just a great reminder!
I received this book for free in exchange for my review

Saturday, April 30, 2011


You know that song waitin' on the world to change by:.......well I don't really know and don't feel like looking it up. ha So any way I was just sitting here thinking about my life right now and I realized that I am "waiting for finals week to hurry up and get over with so I can get on with my summer." It made me think of that song, not really sure why just did.

I only have two classes and not even hard ones but as we have more nice days sprinkled in with the rainy ones, it's really making me want to get out and have fun. And more often than not I have been succumbing the temptation and therefore things - read : assignments have not been turned on time....NICE great way to solve the problem! I am just really wanting to get out and play with the kiddos. Yesterday we took a walk to sonic and got an "after lunch treat" and walked home. It was so nice and I realized just what a great summer this is going to be. Now if school would just hurry up and end already!

I have been out looking at pools of the yard, pool passes and the cost of them for pools in my area. UGH I am just so ready to be as carefree as the kids are and play all day! I just can't wait. Oh and my sweet sister is coming home from college in a week and will be home for a few weeks. It will be so fun to have her here even for just a short time. I already have all the fun things we are going to do planned out. But I don't think she knows that yet!!!

Well here's to the next two weeks passing quickly so I can get on with the summer! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life Without Limits

LOVE this book. Even though it was written more for the teenage crowd. I definitely got a lot out of it. In this book Nick relates some of his trials are how he got through them. He talks about the things he has and how grateful for, like his little left foot and all the things he can do because of it. This made me really think about all the things in life that I tend to take for granted and not even think twice about. This was not really a "churchy" self help book. It was just about looking at the things we have in life and how to be grateful. I loved it. It's definitely one that will have a permanent place on my shelf.
I received this book for free in exchange for my review from water brook multnomah publisher

Monday, April 4, 2011

So Happy

Today we are so happy

Productive...not so much.

I did get a good workout in
but that's where all ambition died

Yep as I walked out the building!

Oh well because we are happy and that's all that matters

We are coming off the best weekend
We have been uplifted and edified by the leaders of

So no matter how unproductive I was today,
I am still in a land of bliss
after such a wonderful, uplifting weekend
Maybe tomorrow I can accomplish something that I can see.
Because although I did wipe snot and nurse a baby... ALL. DAY. LONG
I can't see that at the end of the day so it's as if it didn't happen!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ever had "that kind" of day

The kind where you do what you can to survive
just hoping that your husband isn't going to call and say that he is running late.
Your hair is a mess and you took a shower that morning got dressed only to take the jeans off and put the
 pj pants back on 5 minutes later.
The kind where the baby is strapped to the high chair like his getting ready to parachute out of this joint and looks like he is wishing that was the case.

And the kind where you when grocery shopping the day before, came home, put away the cold stuff and left the rest for another day.
The kind where your 2 year old doesn't even ask for a snack just grabs the grabs out of a bag exclaiming, "There you are" and goes to town eating them.
And the kind where you don't even stop him you just let him eat them!
Yep it happened to be "that kind" of day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hard at Work

When I let the kid out of his room this morning
I quickly realized he was hard at work in there
Then he came out and found a snack
He wanted that "sheese" really bad
I told him if he was that hungry then we needed to have breakfast!
He was cool with that but didn't want to wait find the baby to finish his breakfast.
Man life is hard when you are almost two!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Out my window

It's a winter wonderland!
We were supposed to get a little rain snow mix,
Nothing more maybe collect on the windshields and grassy areas.
I thought no big deal I still can get out and run my errands and make it to work out group.
I failed to look out the window until I saw that schools were closing
That's nothing here they are always closed.
So I turned on the was all white.
I kindly asked the kid to open the window and see what it looked like out there.
YUP!!! All hopes of exercise group and those errands flew right on out the window as the curtains drew back.
It's all good spring should be here by the end of the week.
Winter just needed on last day. That's means I got one last day to lounge around and have a pajama day.

This little snow system was so the snow plows were not even ready so the roads have been trash all day.
I'm grateful I don't commute to my job and today I am grateful my husband leaves much earlier than the rest of the world.
So today you can find me on the couch watching movies with the kiddo!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Book #2

As some know I am doing blogging for books. I love this program especially when I can get children's books

The Dragon and The Turtle Go on a Safari

This is a children's book about a turtle and a dragon who go on a camp out and every noise they hear they think it is an animal that is on the safari. But at first you don't realize that they are imagining it. The deal is that they will stay out all night but with all the noises that are scary they decide to go in the house because they just can't sleep. When they get to the door they realize the sun is coming up and they did make it "in the wild" all night.

This is such a cute book with great illustrations. It is great to talk about what is going on. It's a book that older children can think and imagine right along with it. My 2 year old loves all the pictures and talks about everything he sees in the pictures

I received this book for free in exchange for my review

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

AHH Mornings!

This is my morning!
The kids being so good just hanging out doing their own thing!
And in three seconds flat the kid takes his clothes off and pesters the baby
That poor baby is never safe!

Monday, February 14, 2011

I Love

In true Valentine's Day fashion, I thought I would post a few things I love
The way my husband lovingly, cares for our kids. 
This cute little face...especially when it's all bundles up like this.

This swet little thing and all the cute noises that some out of it.

My crazy life. My Family. I think this picture depicts our family at this current time perfectly!

The relationship I have with my wonderful husband
The past eight years have been the best I could ever ask for.

Others things I don't have pictures for:
My extended family
the funny things my almost-two-year-old says to me
the fact that my husband willingly works so I can be a stay-at-home momma
being a stay-at-home momma

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blogging for Books

I first heard about this program here and thought I would give it a try. They send you free books you read the and write a review

Lioness Arising
When I signed up for the program there were not many titles to choose and quite frankly nothing even interested me but I chose this book and waited for it to arrive.

The book is more or less a christian self-help book. The author, Lisa Bevere, writes about her personal experiences and relates them to becoming a stronger woman. Her goal is for women all around the world to wake up and realize what a strong force we could be if we found our inner strength.

Although I did enjoy this book to some extent, it was not my favorite book I have ever read.  Maybe just because I was not really looking to read a self help book. If that is what you are looking for then I think this is a good book with some great ideas.
Disclaimer: I recieved this book for free in exchange for my reviewing it

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I thought he was napping!

The day was hectic.
But really no more than any other day.
That's my life with two kids under two.
I nursed the baby and got him settled in for nap time
I took the toddler to his room and rocked him to sleep.
Just like any other day.
Well at least I thought he was sleeping.
That is until I opened the door to this:
And this:
Apparently he had other ideas aside from sleeping!!!
When I looked at him I couldn't help but to laugh.
He looked up at me so innocently I'm sure wondering what was so funny.
I took a deep breath in thinking I would smell hand sanitizer.
Because he loves to put "bubbles" on his hands.
But there was no smell. So I walked in the room to have a look around.
It was vaseline. Great that's way worse to clean up.
So what a good mom to do in a case like this.....
To keep from losing my mind I took a picture,
pulled the kid from the room and closed the door behind us
Knowing that daddy would come home and save us from the mess.
So we went about our day looking like a crazy person in hopes for dad to save us.
And he did. He put the kid in the tub and washed his head....5 FIVE times to get all the grossness out.
I cleaned up the mess in the room which my smart boy only got the stuff on places that it could easily be wiped off. That's my boy always helping the momma out!
It was just a wonderful day!