Friday, September 16, 2011

Too young for such trials

Now that it's been a week, I feel like I can talk about this a be ok with it all. Because let's just face it when your 8 month old gets hurt it's just hard to face life.

My sweet little guy took a fall down the stairs last week.
I really didn't think much of it because...well the boy has fallen down those same stairs many times and after some consoling and comfort he's right back at it.
It was not the same out come for the baby. After a quick trip to the Dr. we found out that he had a buckle fracture on his tibia and would need a cast. The doctor said that this is a very common break for little kids and it would heal quickly. The next day we saw the orthopedist guy and got the cast. 
I feel so bad that this happened....if only I had shut the gate.   
So now we are on the mend and have two weeks left til we get the cast off....yes I am on the count down!
Surprisingly this has not slowed him down for more than the first day. He is back on the move!

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