Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I thought he was napping!

The day was hectic.
But really no more than any other day.
That's my life with two kids under two.
I nursed the baby and got him settled in for nap time
I took the toddler to his room and rocked him to sleep.
Just like any other day.
Well at least I thought he was sleeping.
That is until I opened the door to this:
And this:
Apparently he had other ideas aside from sleeping!!!
When I looked at him I couldn't help but to laugh.
He looked up at me so innocently I'm sure wondering what was so funny.
I took a deep breath in thinking I would smell hand sanitizer.
Because he loves to put "bubbles" on his hands.
But there was no smell. So I walked in the room to have a look around.
It was vaseline. Great that's way worse to clean up.
So what a good mom to do in a case like this.....
To keep from losing my mind I took a picture,
pulled the kid from the room and closed the door behind us
Knowing that daddy would come home and save us from the mess.
So we went about our day looking like a crazy person in hopes for dad to save us.
And he did. He put the kid in the tub and washed his head....5 FIVE times to get all the grossness out.
I cleaned up the mess in the room which my smart boy only got the stuff on places that it could easily be wiped off. That's my boy always helping the momma out!
It was just a wonderful day!