Saturday, April 30, 2011


You know that song waitin' on the world to change by:.......well I don't really know and don't feel like looking it up. ha So any way I was just sitting here thinking about my life right now and I realized that I am "waiting for finals week to hurry up and get over with so I can get on with my summer." It made me think of that song, not really sure why just did.

I only have two classes and not even hard ones but as we have more nice days sprinkled in with the rainy ones, it's really making me want to get out and have fun. And more often than not I have been succumbing the temptation and therefore things - read : assignments have not been turned on time....NICE great way to solve the problem! I am just really wanting to get out and play with the kiddos. Yesterday we took a walk to sonic and got an "after lunch treat" and walked home. It was so nice and I realized just what a great summer this is going to be. Now if school would just hurry up and end already!

I have been out looking at pools of the yard, pool passes and the cost of them for pools in my area. UGH I am just so ready to be as carefree as the kids are and play all day! I just can't wait. Oh and my sweet sister is coming home from college in a week and will be home for a few weeks. It will be so fun to have her here even for just a short time. I already have all the fun things we are going to do planned out. But I don't think she knows that yet!!!

Well here's to the next two weeks passing quickly so I can get on with the summer! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life Without Limits

LOVE this book. Even though it was written more for the teenage crowd. I definitely got a lot out of it. In this book Nick relates some of his trials are how he got through them. He talks about the things he has and how grateful for, like his little left foot and all the things he can do because of it. This made me really think about all the things in life that I tend to take for granted and not even think twice about. This was not really a "churchy" self help book. It was just about looking at the things we have in life and how to be grateful. I loved it. It's definitely one that will have a permanent place on my shelf.
I received this book for free in exchange for my review from water brook multnomah publisher

Monday, April 4, 2011

So Happy

Today we are so happy

Productive...not so much.

I did get a good workout in
but that's where all ambition died

Yep as I walked out the building!

Oh well because we are happy and that's all that matters

We are coming off the best weekend
We have been uplifted and edified by the leaders of

So no matter how unproductive I was today,
I am still in a land of bliss
after such a wonderful, uplifting weekend
Maybe tomorrow I can accomplish something that I can see.
Because although I did wipe snot and nurse a baby... ALL. DAY. LONG
I can't see that at the end of the day so it's as if it didn't happen!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ever had "that kind" of day

The kind where you do what you can to survive
just hoping that your husband isn't going to call and say that he is running late.
Your hair is a mess and you took a shower that morning got dressed only to take the jeans off and put the
 pj pants back on 5 minutes later.
The kind where the baby is strapped to the high chair like his getting ready to parachute out of this joint and looks like he is wishing that was the case.

And the kind where you when grocery shopping the day before, came home, put away the cold stuff and left the rest for another day.
The kind where your 2 year old doesn't even ask for a snack just grabs the grabs out of a bag exclaiming, "There you are" and goes to town eating them.
And the kind where you don't even stop him you just let him eat them!
Yep it happened to be "that kind" of day!