Friday, August 5, 2011

I found a website with some "spelling beanbags" I thought they would be fun to have just to learn our ABC's and then later play spelling games with. After looking around the site for a while I also found these "math" beanbags to play math games with. I knew that we needed those too. So I will be busy making some for our house for sure. But the little girl across the street had a birthday and I needed something for her. I just whipped up a set of the number beanbags.
I love how they turned out. This was a tedious project as I had to cut the numbers out of paper, wonder under, and fabric. And then had all that appliqueing to do. But I love how it turned out and am excited to make them for our house!

And it was fun to use up some of the girly fabric I have sitting around the house.
We don't have a use for it for our kiddos!!!